Kolkata, May 25 (NITN): Kolkata-based Shaym Sundar Co. Jewellers have launched several social initiatives, which were introduced recently through a programme attended by Tollywood actors Soham Chakraborty and Priyanka Sarkar. more
Automation to take centre-stage at this year’s Business-IT Conclave organised by The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Kolkata, May 24 (NITN): The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised the eighth edition of its annual Business-IT Conclave, this year themed on “Bridging Automation And Society” ...

The Grip of Wife's Fist: A humorous look at social mores

Kolkata, May 24 (NITN): 'The Grip of Wife’s Fist', written by Anand Thakur and published by Power Publishers, is a welcome read in an angst-ridden world

Guru Banani Chakraborty wants to ensure Bengal's classical dance is not lost

Kolkata, May 23 (NITN): Gaudiya Nritya, the classical dance form of Bengal, survives through the guru-shishya parampara' (a tradition where the teacher passes on his or her knowledge to sele ...

Story to film – short film creation service from Power Publishers & Motion Pictures

Kolkata, Mar 23 (NITN): Power Publishers, one of India’s popular self-publishing companies, has recently announced that it will offer services of short film making through Power Publishers ...

As our flight from Paris was descending towards the Barcelona airport, from the night sky we could see on the waterfront of the glittering city a distinctive tinted glass fronted skyscraper standing tall and gleaming.

Hotel Arts Barcelona in every sense lives up to its nomenclature. This hotel on the Mediterranean- read Olympic Marina- is as Epicurean in attraction as it is in its artistic appeal.