New Delhi May 26 (IBNS): The ‘Future of Change’ UNSW scholarships designed to attract bright Indian minds to pursue their undergraduate and post graduate studies at the premier Australian varsity have met with an overwhelming response. more
UNSW Sydney’s Diploma in Science & Engg, with pathways to Degree, invites State Board pass outs

New Delhi May 22 (NITN): Choosing where to study abroad can be a tricky proposition for students in India, especially with a wide range of good foreign universities beckoning. 

Book review: A Bengali guide book telling you how to earn by taking advantage of the web world

'Internet Theke Ortho Uparjoner Guide Boi' written in Bengali by Rajarshi Manna is a timely publication that will benefit Bengali speaking readers to harness the power of the inte ...

Book review: Self Motivation Therapy by Abhishek Nandy

'Self Motivation Therapy' is a self-help book written by Abhishek Nandy, where he talks about the need to follow one's passion among other things.

Book review: Manoshi, a collection of Bengali short stories

“Manoshi” is a collection of twelve Bengali short stories written by Shila Majumder. Fiction is always a mirror of our society and our times. And, these stories are no differe ...

Book review: 'The Equations of Destiny' by Mayur Agarwal

Mayur Agarwal's 'The Equations of Destiny' is a book where the author has been brutally honest while writing it.

In Jack Kerouac's iconic book On the Road, which kind of became a Bible for roadtrippers across the world for nearly seven decades now, main characters Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty reach Chicago in a borrowed 1947 Cadillac and then frantically hop from bar to bar and club to club looking for sensational times.

Cafes are dime a dozen in every neighbourhood of Kolkata now, competing with the big brands like CCD or the newly opened Starbucks. But how about visiting several destinations of the world at one stop? With the launch of Travelistan cafe ahead of the Bengali new year in Golf Green, Kolkatans can now go places with their favourite cuppa.

Lufthansa offers special sa ...

Cologne, Mar 17 (NITN): Deutsche Lufthansa AG, the largest German airline, is offering special sale to all travelers to fly off to and travel in Europe and North America at cheap prices.

IndiGo offers attractive fl ...

New Delhi, Nov 25 (NITN): With an aim to provide flexibility to the customers to re-schedule their flights without worrying about the change fee, IndiGo is offering its special product called 'Flexi Fare' at different price levels.

Greece, travelers' new dest ...

Athens, Nov 16 (NITN): Greece can surely be the travelers' new and best destination this winter as some flights are offering journeys at low costs.