The history of aviation and space exploration, the men right from pioneering aviator-duo Wright Brothers to American aeronautical engineers and astronauts and their mean machines is a fascinating journey through time and space. Sujoy Dhar fastens his curiosity belt at the National Air and Space Museum Washington, DC. more
Rendezvous with the rugged America: A tale of West Coast

While America is a lot about big cities, skyscrapers, and urban escapes, the country also anchors  spectacular natural wonders and stunning landscapes. To an outsider, the United Sta ...

Time-travel to 1930s Hollywood with portraitist George Hurrell's show in Washington, DC

From the enigmatic Greta Garbo and the blisterning pair of Clark Gable and Joan Crawford to a bare-torsoed sex symbol Johnny (Tarzan) Weissmuller, Washington, D.C.'s National Portrait ...

Beyond its glittering monuments, Uzbekistan emerges as an eco-tourism destination

In the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan, a country known for its dazzling architecture and rich history, is emerging as a promising eco-tourism destination.

Montpellier: The hidden gem of French Riviera

A staircase of 15 ritual steps through a passageway lit by bulbs led us to an eerie underground water table. The steps were like going to a medieval dungeon for prisoners.

Chitropot: Empowering the women of Sundarban through art; reviving the forgotten art of patachitra

At first glance, it was the painting of a Hindu married woman’s face – her forehead marked by the traditional vermillion dot, the vermillion running through her parted hair.

On a spring morning this year when Chicago was bracing for waves of celebratory crowds in the streets for its annual big, green St. Patrick's Day, I woke up to a quiet, sublime morning in a hotel suite overlooking Michigan Avenue. 

When the Uber driver dropped us off on the main street of Monpellier driving through the iconic city gateway that is Porte du Peyrou, I thought my five-star hotel was just around with some impressive portico.

Air India Express launches ...

New Delhi : Air India Express, a subsidiary of Air India and a part of the Tata group, has launched its "Time to Travel" sale on the airline’s website,, the Air India Express mobile app and other major booking channels.

Over 300 flights cancelled ...

Tokyo: Airlines were forced to cancel over 300 flights following the collision between a Japan Coast Guard aircraft and a Japan Airlines passenger plane at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Tuesday evening even as reports said the plane was cleared to land ahead of the tragedy.

New discount membership clu ...

New Delhi/NITN: Regular flyers on Jazeera Airways, Kuwait’s low-cost carrier, can now avail a host of discounts and benefits by enrolling for the new membership club introduced by the airline, recently.