Jingle King of Hollywood and Power Publishers come together to create animated shows and more

NITN | @notintownlive | 30 Jun 2021, 04:03 am

Jingle King of Hollywood and Power Publishers come together to create animated shows and more E-Learning

Kolkata: Jingle King Entertainment & Production of Hollywood and Power Publishers & Motion Pictures of India have entered into a long-term collaboration on several common interests like film pre-production, animation, VFX of films and e-learning videos for children.

Co-founded by Joseph Keenan, a veteran American film producer, Jingle King Entertainment & Production is a Hollywood based production company specializing in children’s films.

Power Publishers & Motion Pictures is an Indian film production, pre-production, animation, post-production and audiobook company founded by screenwriter and producer Pinaki Ghosh, whose films are streaming on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hoichoi, Addatimes etc.

Jingle Studios has long term experience with films while Power Publishers has a pool of talents from the film industry working under them, including animators, screenplay writers, film editors, colorists, music composers, sound engineers, VFX experts and voiceover artists.

Jingle King has also launched a separate division named Readerking, that is converting children’s school textbooks to audio-visual format with the text being read out by American voiceover artists, and the videos showing highlighted words, which is created on the end of Power Publishers & Motion Pictures.

In the age of e-learning, when the pandemic has changed the way schooling was seen, more and more printed textbooks would be converted to audio-visual format which the two collaborating companies are aiming to come up with.

The work of several common projects are already on, confirmed Pinaki Ghosh of Power Publishers.

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