California: Pack your bags and head to this gravity defying Mystery Spot

NITN | @notintownlive | 03 Aug 2022, 09:05 am

California: Pack your bags and head to this gravity defying Mystery Spot Mystery Spot I California

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Santa Cruz: Curiosity is one of the key drivers to travel across the world, this time around the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz tops the list.

Gravity Hills offers a unique proposition for globetrotters with its gravity defying identity.

The Californian Mystery spot was founded by George Prather in 1939, while walking past the neighborhood one day.

Prather then bought the piece of land and constructed a cabin, which now has become one of the most mysterious spots to visit.

It's a circular area which is 150 in diameters. The spot opened to the public in 1940.

The logic behind why people assume that everything goes up rather than down in Gravity Hills is due to an optical illusion created by a tilt in the road, causing it visually look as if all objects travel uphill.

Confusion begins to take over one after they take a visit to the cabin. Whatever angle one might be standing at, they will not fall due to the architecture of the place and due to a tilt in the cabin's structure.

Inside, people can witness the unbelievable experience to see the water travel uphill.

In reality, it's the building and not the people that are standing at an angle.

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