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I am a big fan of volcanoes: Actor Abhishek Singh

Not In Town | @notintownlive | 18 Oct 2020, 06:56 am

I am a big fan of volcanoes: Actor Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh is the next hunk on the rise in Tollywood. Law graduate from Pune, a few years ago he left his lucrative legal career to respond to his first love and inner calling - acting. We caught up with him on his favourite holiday destinations. The chiselled good-looking actor who starred in recent releases like Panther and Password besides drawing attention in the web series shares his love for Sicily and more. 


Which is your favourite travel destination?

There are so many! But if I had to choose one it would be Sicily.

Why Sicily?

Well, I am a big fan of volcanoes and Mt Etna is an active volcano. Also, Sicily has it all - green and rocky hills, a beautiful coastline, cloudy skies that seem to gravitate toward Mt Etna. Sicilian culture is also absolutely gorgeous. Taormina is the best place (in Sicily) to experience it.

Haunting notes of old Sicilia with soft guitar at the town square will give you Godfather vibes. There’s plenty of hiking one can get up to through the bountiful hills with charming and welcoming villages that boast the best Margarita pizza you’ll ever have! Also, Mt Etna is a must visit! The snow cover over its black soil is a wonderful sight!

What are the three things you always travel with?

My G-shock, sunglasses and ring.

Staying fit during travel is a challenge. Do you have a fitness ritual during travel?

No rituals really. Part of travel is experiencing the different types of cuisines the world has to offer. I just try to spend my tours exploring on foot. I hike from place to place when I can. Also, I carry a water bottle and stay hydrated.

Describe your travel outfit.

T-shirt and sweats. And of-course jacket - when it’s cold.

What’s on your travel bucket list next?

Shillong. I really want to travel to Ireland as well.